Anything With Your Name On It

I have a new rule I just invented: everything that I publish or create must have a link back to me.

I think everybody should have this rule. If you write a comic book, insist that they put your Twitter link in the credits. If you design a website, demand that they put a link at the bottom naming you, and with your blog’s address. If you play an instrument for an album, make sure your homepage is in the liner notes.

It’s a simple enough concession for others to make. It doesn’t need to be huge, it just needs to be there. In fact, I may start putting it in the comments of code I write, so future developers can see WHO COMMITTED THIS ATROCITY?!

I don’t update this blog much anymore, and it’s not where I plan to keep my blog in the future, but I do think I’ll have my Twitter account for a long time. That will be my link. I’ll probably be aggressive enough to ask for "Follow RandyTayler on Twitter" as the full link. So for a website, it could be "Designed by Randy Tayler, whom you can follow on Twitter."

Is it egotistical? Conceited? Self-serving? Maybe, perhaps, and absolutely. But everything you do, creatively or otherwise, is making a name for yourself. This just helps make your name faster. Perhaps one in a thousand people will go to the trouble of visiting that link. But why throw away a chance to get your name out to one more person? Maybe your creation will be seen by 100,000 people. Give 100 more folks a chance to learn your name, and who you are.