Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee, Marie Callender, and Mrs. Smith(‘s)

I tried to find images of the women behind most of America’s desserts today; it took some work.

For Sara Lee, I tracked down this first,
the wikipedia entry for Sara Lee. That gave me her full name. So then I just
searched for images, and there she was. Easy as pie (pun intended and regretted.)

Marie Callender was easier. Bam. Right there on the page.

Mrs. Smith’s website didn’t have a photo of their namesake, but I got her first name. Then I just googled the name “Amanda Smith”, and voilá, lots of images of the piemaker herself.

Well, okay. I’m not sure WHICH Amanda Smith was the ACTUAL "Mrs. Smith," but I hazarded a guess.

sara lee, marie callender, amanda smith

Happy Thanksgiving! And gentlemen, don’t get any ideas about Amanda there. She’s married, as we know.