Un Leche Con Sangre, Por Favor

A chat transcript for your leisure reading:

(4:13:34 PM) rebecca: Woa. A trippy thing just happened to me. I often drink the girls left over milk or juice or eat their food, rather than throw it away. So I went to drink [our daughter’s] left over milk and as it hit my lips I thought, wait this is [her friend’s], and she may be getting over Mono.
(4:13:41 PM) rebecca: So I dumped it out…
(4:13:52 PM) rebecca: and there was all this blood in the bottom of it.
(4:14:16 PM) rebecca: She had cut her finger when they were crafting and was afraid to tell me.
(4:14:26 PM) randy: Omigosh!
(4:14:28 PM) randy: Yikes!
(4:14:33 PM) rebecca: So she tried to make it stop bleeding by putting it in the milk.
(4:14:58 PM) rebecca: So glad I didn’t drink it.