…the Goose is Getting Fat….

And by "goose" I mean "me".

That’s right. The me is getting fat. Me has eaten so much junk food, me can no longer use proper grammar.

In other news, my sister was going to host our family’s Christmas Eve get-together, but called this morning to cancel — strep throat. I’ll pass on being around contagions during the holidays. But the rest of us will get together without her clan, and I’m amazed at how quickly it’s coming together.

We got a ham from Honeybaked; the house is… "cleaned"; we got our sweets-for-the-neighbors finished, wrapped, and delivered; and I STILL found time to play Combat Arms (http://combatarms.nexon.com, I believe), and snipe some bad guys from my fairly-secure location behind a chimney.

The only downside is that… well, I started that sentence, but can’t really think of anything. Life is good. Yay Christmas!