Bailout Pass

Well, the bailout passed, only now with lots more pork added in. Enough people panicked that the calls congressmen were getting started to be in favor of it, and whether or not it was full of pork, it had to go through.

Fine, whatever. I was getting panicky enough myself in the end — especially when Senator Harry Reid alluded to another insurance giant failing. Which one? Nobody knows as of this moment. But that’s the kind of thing I was talking about when I wondered if D.C. didn’t know more than they were letting on, intentionally not sharing details in order to avoid more panic before the bill passed.

You know what will be funny to me someday? When things get REALLY rough — I mean, "don’t-you-wish-we-were-only-in-a-depression" rough — and people realize gold actually has no value whatsoever, because you can’t EAT it. Man, I’ll be laughing and laughing.

Assuming I have some food storage. Better get on that, I guess. We have enough condiments to last us about a week, but it’d be tight.