Bale out of the Bailout

I got through all of 15 minutes of the debates before I had to turn it off. My word — BOTH candidates want the bailout?

Let these institutions fail. They are not "vital" to the American people, as I heard one candidate say. The services they provide sure are nice, but others will step in to take these failures’ places. That’s how free markets work!

And did you hear Obama talking about protecting homeowners in danger of foreclosure? WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING THEM? First, if you got a loan you couldn’t afford based on the assumption that home values would just magically go up forever, you were unwise. Why should the wise have to help pay for the foolish? Second, FORECLOSURE ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD! It happens! You cry for a while, then you pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

A free economy will see ups and downs. That’s the nature of freedom — people can choose wisely or poorly, and help or hurt themselves as they so choose.

Grr. Bailout. I’ll just take my portion as a check, please. What’s that, about $11,000 for me and my family? Yeah. Thanks.

Actually, can I get that in Euros?

A note about my title: Those spellings are technically okay.