I broke down on the first law of haggling, and gave a price to a guy who is very interested in buying Singlesaints.

I told him I wanted 5 figures, and he didn’t shy away; my reserve price for the auction was $10k, but it only made got bid up to $4150.

I thought about telling him I wanted $10k, but realized that would definitely be low-balling myself. He’s ready to pay that, so I would be a fool to not ask for more.

So then I thought about daring to ask $18k. But then I thought — why 18? Why not 25? Why not 45? WHY NOTokaynowIjustfeelsilly.

In the end I asked for 42k. That would cover the cash I sank into it, and pay me a couple thousand for each year I had it. And now that I SAY that, it seems to me that that is what it really is WORTH.

Gotta get that number out of my head if I want to be happy, though — I’m not getting that amount. I should consider anything higher than $10k a bonus. $10k would be GREAT. $10k would be SPECTACULAR.

Hmm. It’s so small compared to $42k.

But $10k will finish our downstairs bathroom quite nicely.

Plus, I don’t have to pay tithing on it, because it’s money from priestcraft!

[UPDATE] He came back with a counter-offer of $6k.  *cough*