The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns as Applied to Hard Work

You ever work on something so hard and for so long that even when it’s finally done you derive no satisfaction from it?

I think it’s like a bell curve. If something is fantastically easy, your sense of accomplishment is nil. The more time and effort, the more satisfaction you get when it’s done.

To a point. THEN things start to drop off. Eventually finishing the project at all yields no joy, and then why bother finishing?

(For the associated paycheck, obviously. But still, there ain’t much joy in that.)

The problem with coding from the gut…

Sometimes my brain gets tired of verifying that every line is correct, and I find myself jumping from function declaration to function declaration before they’re complete, relying on PHP to tell me if I miss something once I run the whole schamoli.

That’s when you get something like this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting T_FUNCTION in C:\Users\Randy\Documents\CED\ycake\app\controllers\admin_controller.php on line 856

Line 856 is where I close my class file up; somewhere along the way I’ve neglected to close a bracket or forgot a semicolon, and things ain’t gonna work ’til I find it.

Somewhere in 856 lines of code.

Oops! Time to power up the brain, I guess. He probably should’ve been involved from the start.