Jacquelyn — or Jaqueline, or Jackalinnn, or something

We like the name, but are a bit iffy on the spelling. When we decided tonight that it was a decent name for the new baby, I put my mouth on Rebecca’s belly and muffledly said “Do you like the name ‘Jacquelyn’?” (It sounded more like “Duh yuh lie duh nay Jakkalin?”)

Nothing happened.

“If you like the name ‘Jacquelyn’, kick me in the mouth.”

She then kicked me in the mouth.

Maybe today I’ll quit.


I got an email this morning with the subject “MANDATORY meeting”.

Among other stuff, it says, “If you can’t make it, figure out how to make it.”

That’s my manager, folks. And I’m fairly certain that he wants to address how I’ve been working from home in the afternoons, but won’t talk to me about it one-on-one. Which means now my brain is all preoccupied with what’s going to be said in this meeting, and if it’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Which means, in turn, that I can’t concentrate on the work I’m supposed to be doing.


UPDATE: I asked Dan if I needed to email him when I worked from home, and if the meeting was going to touch on that, and he said no. So I can breathe more easily now. I don’t think I’m quitting today.