The Leopard is Dead.

Because the idiots from whom I purchased my Mac failed to install Windows via BootCamp — that is, allowing me to dual-boot into Windows, rather than only run it through a virtual machine — I decided to take on the task myse–

You can see where this is going, right?

First, I ran BootCamp in Leopard. It asked me what partition I wanted Windows in, and I told it, and it said to restart with my XP installation disk in the drive. Okay, so I put in the CD, and restarted.

XP was… disagreeable. First, it wanted me to hit Enter to continue. Normally a simple request, but this time it was impossible.  Because XP refused to recognize the freakish Mac keyboard. F3 to cancel, then? No. No, that wouldn’t do either. It wanted a normal keyboard, and I can’t say I blame it.

I figured I would just abort the attempt, so I restarted by doing a hard reset on the tower. This is where things got fun, because, you see, XP’s installation disc was still in the drive. So when we came back up, XP thought I wanted to install again. Leopard was nowhere to be found.

“Just eject the disc,” you say. I heard you, don’t deny it. Well, guess what? Your “eject CD” button is ON THE KEYBOARD.  So we got back to ENTER or F3, and I tried jabbing that stupid little eject button, as well as every other key combination, all without success. I tried prying open the face of the tower, peering inside to see if there was some nice pinhole I could use to force-eject the CD.

There was not. I was, after all, on a Mac. Why should I ever need to eject a CD?

Fortunately, my brother, who lives in within driving-and-cussing-nonstop distance, had a spare USB keyboard. Did I mention it had to be USB? Yeah, it did. My Mac doesn’t have those little round inputs for keyboards and mice that we all know and love. So I got the keyboard, came back home, plugged it in, and now I could continue with my installation.

Only that partition that BootCamp had recommended wasn’t good enough for Windows — XP insisted on formatting it. Fine. Format away, what could it possibly huNOT THAT PARTITION! THAT’S THE ONE WITH LEOP– oh well.

Seriously, XP said “You sure it’s okay I format Partition X?” and I said “Sure,” and it said, “Okay, 0% done formatting Partition Y…”

Maybe my last 3 months of data are still retrievable, but I highly doubt it. And I can’t think of anything that would be worth the effort of trying to save, anyway. I’ve been using Google Docs to do all my writing in a consolidated location online, and I haven’t erased most of my pre-Mac stuff from my old computer yet… though I almost did. As I was perusing the net this morning I came across Edubuntu, which looked like it might make a nice change on my old computer, which was now the kids’ PC.

Glad I didn’t do that.

Anyway, I’m back in XP. It’s nice here. Things make sense.  I’m thinking about installing a video game just for old time’s sake.

Maybe now I can find a decent video editor, a decent music editor, and a nice antivirus program. Better get me one of those, quick — I’ve already been online for half an hour in XP.