The End of Obama’s Run

“I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Thus ends Senator Obama’s run.

I was actually considering voting for Obama, though I disagree with almost every position he takes a stand on.

I was very pro-Romney, even organizing for his campaign and helping to raise funds. When he dropped out, I thought that perhaps a leader that the people like, even if his policies are wrong, might be better than a leader people dislike, though his policies be right. If the general is saying we need to charge that hill up ahead, and I know it’s the wrong choice, it STILL might be better to succeed — assuming the direction isn’t actually directly opposite.

Here, however, he has shown himself to be in direct opposition to core values about the gift that every child — EVERY child — is to the world. If a mother can’t support a child, let her give it up for adoption to the willing family that hungers for a new child.

I really was considering voting for a liberal, because I thought he was a good man. Maybe he still IS a good man, but until he realizes his mistake, there’s no way he’s going to get my vote.

I want everyone to know what he said.  I will now fight to make sure he is not elected.


I just think that would make a fun movie trailer. Muppets facing an asteroid disaster, alien invasion, or nuclear war.

Some shots:

  • Fozzy the Bear’s stuffing gushing out of his chest
  • Big Bird screaming “Snuffy! Where are you?!”
  • Ernie riding a bathtub through a flood
  • Gonzo piloting a space shuttle, jet fighter, or riding a nuclear missile — maybe all three
  • Robin the frog, lying on the ground dying: “Uncle Kermit, am I going to see my mom and dad now?”
  • Kermit cocking a gun

Yay Muppets and disasters!

John McCain Died

John McCain didn’t die.

But I had this dream last night that he did. Oh, man, what a mess he made of the political race. In my dream it had only just barely happened, and Republican contenders were still sitting on their hands, trying to show the deceased some respect before jumping back into the race. I have no idea how things would work with delegates and such if McCain really died right now, but I think it’s fair to say that it would be a crazy, craaaazy mess.

In a way it’d be a godsend for the Republican party, as so many of the big names on the right are condemning McCain, and touting Hillary as their candidate of choice over the Arizona senator. It seems like almost any name would be an improvement right now, as so many Republicans are seeing the unelectability of McCain.

I think Obama is our next president. 

I wonder what would happen if Obama invited McCain to debate, before he has secured the ticket?  Can you imagine flying in the face of Clinton like that? I’m sure there are probably party rules that forbid that sort of thing, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch the fur fly?

Why are lighters allowed on planes?

If you check this pdf, you’ll see that LIGHTERS are still allowed on airplanes. LIGHTERS, people! And every seat in the plane has kindling paper magazines that you could ignite!

You can’t have liquids, oh no. But you can have lighters.

Guess what? You can make solid explosives that don’t set off metal detectors.

Lemme keep my dang pocketknife. People aren’t going to let hijackers use tiny blades to take control of a plane — and we have air marshals on every flight nowadays! But if you’re serious about protecting travelers, you HAVE to get rid of lighters.

Damn You Brandon Sanderson!

I’m not big on reading authors I’m not familiar with, and I’ve never really gotten into the fantasy genre, but I borrowed the book Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson last week, and he’s now on my “favorite author” list. I just finished the second one in the series (The Well of Ascension), and it’s great, too. I’m apprehensive about picking up anything else of his, out of fear I’ll be let down.

But that’s a good thing. See, if I don’t pick up another book, I can start SLEEPING AGAIN. I have only been able to get sleep out of sheer force of will, putting the book down at 2:00 AM and ruefully counting how many pages I still have left. Well, semi-ruefully. I enjoy the books, so I don’t want the stories to end, but seriously, I need to SLEEP.

I think I need to stop reading books in general. The time commitment is too great, the addiction too powerful. I vaguely recall that I have a family I need to spend some time with. Whom. With whom I recall time spending needs. Aw, crap.

Anyway, if you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy AT ALL, you need to pick up Mistborn. Preferably on a Friday before a three-day weekend.

And Now a Two-Year-Old’s Thoughts

I’m sitting here in bed with the laptop, working on my novel, and Rebecca is holding our daughter trying to help her fall asleep. She mumbled “Wha doing da-da?” I told her I’m writing on the computer.

She watched quietly for a while, mumbling various questions as I worked. Then I came across this  image as I was doing research on brain trauma:
Popcorn? I think not. You have failed the MCAT.

Our daughter said “Popcorn!”

As I write this entry, she still keeps saying popcorn.

So much for that medical career.

Talking ‘Bout My Dehhh-legation

So I experienced a new joy today — delegating work! Oh, baby!

The project I’m working on now requires that we learn a big ol’ framework for PHP called “Cake”.  I have no interest in spending more brain cells learning this thing — I’m sure I’ll have to eventually, but the longer I can put it off, the better.  And we have this new guy on my team, Shaun, who started last week.

Today I said, “How about you work on migrating our dummy site over to Cake?”  And off he goes! He has a big fun task — and it will be fun for him, like Rubix cubes are fun for… I dunno…. weirdos — and I get to wait for code to get handed back to me! Yay!

In the meantime, I have architecting to do, so it’s not like I’m just sitting here writing in my jour–

Another Five-Year-Old’s Joke

Our five-year-old is obsessed with trying to make jokes, as I’ve mentioned before. She managed to tell one recently that she had heard on TV:

“Why did the bee get married?”
“Because he found his honey!”

Pretty good, compared to most of the stuff she tells. I mean, it has a punchline. Usually she just asks a question and makes up an answer, and that’s the joke. “Why did the light wear pants?….Because it was made of metal!”

Yeah, she’s working on her act.

But she told another one that confused me. Either she heard it, and it was a decent joke, or she heard it and messed it up, MAKING it a decent joke, or else she made it up altogether:

“What do bears call their feet?”

You can see the punchline coming from a mile away. This is going to be a hilarious punchline for a five year-old. You can’t wait. “I don’t know, what?”



You were thinking “bare feet,” but no. “Socks.”  That made me laugh — I guess because it was as random as her other jokes, but at least this one made you THINK you were getting a punchline.

We tried to explain how jokes like those have to have two meanings, like the honey one… no good. I’m raising a comedian, and she’s terrible. Just terrible.