D’oh to the Power of 3 Million


A Florida Power & Light worker caused the outage that left 3 million people without power.

It’s stories of other people’s embarrassments like this that makes me glad to be alive. Alive, and not empowered with the ability to adversely affect millions of folks at once.

Boy, seriously. How much would it suck to be THAT guy? Take into account the hardships it produced, the cost in millions of the outage itself, and the probable job loss. Show your work. Please give your answer in electron-volts.

Does weight loss cause frequent urination?

That’s today’s question — does losing weight make you pee more? The answer, I think, is a resounding YES. (It resounds in the echoey bathroom where you’re peeing and weighing yourself.)

As part of my diet/exercise regimen I began in January, I’ve been weighing myself daily before my shower.  I started at about 195 mid-January, and yesterday I was 190, which I’ve been hovering at for a while. A MONTH to lose 5 pounds. I was starting to get a bit discouraged. But I was committed — if it took 6 months to lose 30 pounds, then, well, the 6 months is going to come whether or not I diet and exercise, so I was going to keep it up.

Then, every hour or so yesterday, I had to pee. I mean I HAD TO GO. Yeah, I’m drinking water during the day, but still — this was plenty o’ wee-wee.  And I ate well enough, I think — oatmeal and a protein shake in the morning, couple protein bars mid-morning, FIVE tacos at lunch, a small chicken breast and rice at dinner, and then a glass of no-sugar-added Nesquik chocolate milk. 

This morning I was down by 2.4 pounds.  187.6!  Pretty awesome to see that much come off in one day. 

I tried Googling it to see if weight loss can cause frequent urination, but nothing really came up, so I thought I’d post about it here.

When I tried Atkins, I would pee a lot, too, and sure enough the pounds came off quickly.  But they went right back on quickly, too — the water-weight effect.  I think crash diets work by helping you shed water weight, but not really “burning the fat” — whatever that means.  In this case, though, I was working out hard, putting on muscle, I’m certain, while burning some fat, so the weight loss wasn’t as dramatic.  I mean, muscle is heavier than fat, so it makes sense that the initial weight loss would be slow… at least at my body fat level. (I weighed 155 when I got married — you do the math.)

So then, yesterday, I think my body finally realized it didn’t need some of this water it’d been toting around, and it started coming off fast. I’m hoping the process will continue for another day or two, until I reach the next plateau where the weight loss is much slower. 

It’s encouraging to see a sudden drop-off; here’s to hoping it STAYS off.

[UPDATE: It didn’t stay off. This morning I was back up to 190.2.  Fooey! All that energy theorizing and blogging it for naught!]

Neat-o Energy Solution


Well I’ll be darned if that’s not the neatest energy idea I’VE ever heard of. Instead of harnessing wave-power of the oceans, harness solar power with turbines powered by the heat difference in deep water vs. surface water.  Neat! Make the oceans one giant solar power collector.

I wonder if they’ve done the math to see how much energy we can rob from the oceans without shooting ourselves in the foot, though.

I also wonder how much energy a hurricane could generate for us, if we had some sort of mobile windmill island chain.  Or if we just bought Cuba and used them.

Betcha THIS Backfires

So, the town of Berkeley, California, has done something stupid. The City Council has approved a measure that calls the Marine recruiters “unwelcome intruders”, and applauds citizens who “impede… the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley.”


By doing this, they’ve drawn national attention — not to mention sharp criticism — and it will almost surely backfire. Anybody who was on the fence about joining the military will surely be offended by the measure; people who were getting ready to join may just travel on up to Berkeley to make a statement by joining there.

To me, it’s like a pastor who shows a pornographic poster and says “Look at this filth!”

So, it’s stupid to try to decrease recruiting by passing a measure like this.

It’s also, of course, stupid to try to decrease recruiting; we need the Marines. Ironically, we need them in order to help defend the right of people like the Berkeley City Council to do stupid stuff just like this.  (And can I just say: the Semper Fi Act of 2008, which will take money from Berkeley and give it to the marines, is just a beautiful way to retaliate?)

Notable Days

In the U.S., some days just matter more than others.

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are notable every week, just  because of what they represent — the last day of the work week, the first day of the weekend or the Jewish Sabbath, and the last day of the weekend or the modern Sabbath.

Mondays are much less notable. They’re the first day of the work week, yeah, but their real notability comes on days when we have them off — Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.  So Mondays get attention.

Wednesdays are even weaker. They’re “Hump Day”, meaning the middle of the work week. It’s not much, but it’s there, week after week. Some minor notability.

Thursday? Thursday is the chess-geek equivalent of days in the week.   NOBODY cares about Thursday.  Except! EXCEPT!  Thursday gets Thanksgiving every year, so that’s at least something.  Even chess-geeks get their photo in the yearbook for Chess Club.

But Tuesday?

Tuesday isn’t notable for anything; rather it’s notorious. Fat Tuesday, the start of Mardi Gras, is the day when immorality and decadence take to the streets of New Orleans in proud colors, all in the guise of some antiquated Catholic holy day.  Poor Tuesday. I’m sure it doesn’t want to be remembered for delinquents and fools.

Tuesday is worse off than the chess geek, because the chess geek never got arrested, or puked on those girls, or made a total ass out of itself in public. Seriously, Tuesday. Wearing your underwear on your head? Singing Barry Manilow off-key in a failed attempt at impressing that skanky chick? Really, Tuesday. We’re all embarrassed for you.

So Tuesday has nothing of merit it can claim…. except today! Super Tuesday! Once every four years, Tuesday gets some attention for being such an important day in our political process. Today the future is shaped by voters across the country; today people can make or break the campaigns of some candidates. It’s not just Tuesday…. it’s SUPER Tuesday!

Here’s to hoping you stay off the sauce, Big T.