Okay. Here we go again — Sunday. Day of rest, day to cease from all our labors. Day to not seek entertainment. Day of booooriiiiiing….

If I’d obeyed the Sabbath a bit more diligently (read: at all), I’d have visited the families I was assigned to visit, I’d have some other work done, and I wouldn’t feel like a schmoe when I had to sit in at Ward Council this morning.

As it was, I had to tell myself to stop worrying about my own shortcomings, and to pay attention to how the ward could be better served.  Now that I’m OUT of that meeting, though, I think it’s okay to worry a bit about my shortcomings, and put repentance to work. 

So! Some resolutions — I’m going to fulfill my callings in the ward. I think the biggest reason I’ve been called to serve in the elder’s quorum presidency is to get my heiney in gear — can’t very well ask others to do their home teaching if I haven’t done mine.  

I’m also going to keep the Sabbath as best I know how. That means that I’m sitting down to write in my journal instead of writing stories or working on the novel — which I could almost justify as “not-labors” since I’m not getting paid for anything I’m writing, who-knows-if-I-ever-will, and really-I’m-teaching-morals-in-my-stories, and-isn’t-that-the-Lord’s-work-after-all?  But a) I’m confident in my writing, and think I will sell words someday, and b) if I tell the Lord I’m not writing for money right now, I’m sure he’d be willing to bless me that such will be the case. If you catch my drift.

I don’t think the Lord is spiteful like that, but I do think that I’d have a hard time asking for the blessing that my writing provide me a living if I’m not obeying his commandments. “Hey, I know I’ve been disobedient — deliberately — but could you help me make money?”  

SO. So. Time to rest, and get to work.