Sick again. AGAIN!

I don’t understand what’s happening here — I’ve been sick so many times in the last 3 months that I’m on the verge of… of…

Well, I guess I’m not on any verges. I am a little frustrated, though, because it’s not just nose/throat stuff — it’s brain/body stuff, too. My whole body — aw, geez, now I’m typing with my eyes closed because they started hurting; that’s a first — my whole body is achey and it’s hard to concentrate.

Eyes back open. Hey, no typos! Hurray for touch-typing.

I’m either gonna go to sleep, or brace myself to tell my brain that these sick feelings are minor and ignorable, and plow through work for a while. Well, I also might dink around here for a bit before crashing, or else I might play some Wii… but boy, sleep sounds good.