Sick sucks. But words can be fun!

It’s been said a thousand times — I counted, it was one thousand even — but I had to echo the sentiment.

Now my three-year old is hacking something phlegmy, my wife threw up last night, and my digestive-track is apparently doubling as a race-track. And I tweaked my neck, so now I have a headache. Also, whining hurts.

But Rebecca’s symptoms seem to have been much milder than mine, and she’s been able to take care of the kids today. I’ve had some residual nausea appear today, so I slept a lot of it off.

I had a dream during the sleep, where I came up with some clever rhyme thing while talking to a guy about how I’d pay him back. I can’t remember how it went, but it included these words/phrases

You will see
You and me (maybe it had that)

I think I dreamed up a bunch more ewe-blank-ee rhymes that existed and made sense, but I kinda doubt they’re real now. But man! Using the

–oh, hey, “using the”–

Using the word “usury” in a dream? That’s some impressive diction.

Maybe “eulogy” was in there, too.