Stomach flu on Thanksgiving. Bummer. Read at your own risk.

So, around 3:00 AM this morning (Thanksgiving Day) I woke up and realized that I was going to throw up. (You don’t need to read this if you don’t want to.)

It was a bit of suprise, despite the fact that our daughter was hurling just last week. But that’s the whole thing — it was last week. The incubation period for this sucker is what surprised me.

She was mostly better by the end of day one, but there were easily a score of incidents for her. I’ve been lucky by comparison. Plus, the nausea isn’t nearly as bad as I’ve felt in the past.

So it was a rough day, suffice it to say. Rebecca still took the kids to her cousin’s house where we were invited, but it’s weird to not eat anything on the day celebrated with gluttony.

Today I’ve eaten water, Diet Caffeine-Free Dr. Pepper, some orange juice — that was a mistake — and a couple gummy bear vitamins. And tonight I took a sleeping pill in hopes that it would knock me out. I managed to get a nap in today, so it’s tricky falling asleep now. Why must naps come with such a cruel price?

Thing is, I took the sleeping pill 45 minutes ago, and I don’t feel anything yet. I also took some ibuprofen for the sore muscles — my back must be getting in on the action when I pray to the porcelain.

Oh, and then I had some Tums to handle the heartburn that came either from pulverizing the sleeping pill — I thought that would make it work faster — or else my last bout in the bathroom.

On Thanksgiving. Man, so unfair. But I guess that’s irony for you — I’m a prototypical glutton, so it kinda figures.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for all I’ve got. had a poll asking folks if they had more or less to be thankful for this year — my answer is a resounding YES. And it was true last year, too, and the year before that. 75% of the respondents agreed. I wish there were something I could attribute it to, but it’s mostly just came about on its own. I just held on ’til it came.