Holy crap. They’re banning tag.


No more tag or other chase games, because you might get hurt, kids.

Now, I’m the king of paranoid parents. I make my 3-year old hold my hand in the parking lot, she can’t play with sticks, and swinging things on strings is a no-no. She’s never unsupervised in the bath. Et cetera.

But tag? Injuries from tag — I mean, at the very worst, what could happen? A broken nose, if you hit just right? LET THEM GET HURT.

Injuries do not outweigh the fun from games. My rules are generally to protect her life or her eyeballs. Things that are hard to replace, you know? But I let her do stupid stuff on our carpeted half-flight of stairs — at 30 lbs, she’d be hard pressed to gather the momentum necessary to break one of her bones. We let her climb on the jungle gyms and playgrounds now without spotting her. She has a bunk bed she uses as monkey bars.

And she’ll get hurt occasionally. She’s rarely without a least one red mark or bruise.

Me — tag in fourth grade was one of the happiest times of my life. (Except we played “Sole Survivor”, where each person tagged is added to the group of taggers, until one player is left. That’s the last sport I excelled at.)

If they’re worried about lawsuits, do this: make each parent sign a waiver that they won’t sue for any injuries that occur during supervised or unsupervised games. Oh, you don’t want to sign that? Okay, your kid can sit over here in the safety corral. I think there’s a nerf ball in the sandbox. Let’s see how long you hold out.