Moving, Day 4

I found a credit union that’s part of my credit union’s union, or whatever, that opened at 8:30. So I was up bright and early, bought some donuts & milk for my boys, and dropped it off at their truck before hitting the bank.

I went to the door, only to find out that the 8:30 time was for the drive-thru window only. Okay, fine. I hop back in the car and pull around.

There is a large sign in the window — I can’t remember what exactly it said, but it was something to the tune of “No cash withdrawals greater than $600 at this window”, as well as “No cashier’s checks” and “Free kicks in the groin — ask our service reps inside”.

Greaaaat. Well, I was a few minutes early, so I had to sit there and pray… which worked. Sort of.

The teller opened the blinds at 8:30, and I proceeded to tell my sob story, how the movers were gonna charge me extra if they weren’t out by 10:00… (did I mention that? Yeah. True.) She pulled some strings, and got me a cashier’s check for the needed $2700.

I headed back to my boys, and the leader frowned when he saw the check. “No, it has to be a money order!”

Ah. Of course. Whereas everywhere else in the known world the phrase is “cashier’s check or money order”, and despite the fact that a cashier’s check CANNOT BOUNCE, he needed a money order. Okay, well, my fault. Back to the bank. At least now the lobby was open.

I waited for at least 15 minutes while the teller figured out how to cancel the cashier’s check. Then he needed to hit the vault to get my cash. I got to touch 27 $100 bills! I took a picture with my cell phone, but a)it’s crappy, and b)I can’t seem to email my pics to myself. Oh well. Just imagine a losing hand of Uno, and change all those colorful cards to benjamins, as they’re called.

Then I went to get the money order.

DID YOU KNOW: Check City can’t produce a 4-digit money order. Instead, she put together 4 3-digit money orders that totalled up to the right amount.

Back to the house. Thankfully, they’d already been moving, so we stood a chance of making that 10:00 deadline. I handed over the money order(s), and got out of their way.

Oh, our carefully labelled boxes — “kitchen”, “master bath”, etc.? Yeah, the movers don’t move boxes to the rooms they go in. No no. They put all the boxes in one central area.

But finally they finished. I gave them a tip for not charging me anything extra, and the driver said he would tell his boss I couldn’t afford the overnight fee. So there was a bright spot.

The rest of the day was a blur. But Monday night, we spent our first night in our new home, which was the very picture of perfection.

TOMORROW: Imperfection Galore

Moving, Day 3

Sunday we rested from all our labors. We also skipped Church.

By 6:00 PM we still had no word from the movers, and we couldn’t reach anybody on the phone, either. Then, after tallying up just what all we’d be losing if the movers never appeared, they called. I drove to the house to await them, and by about 8:30 PM they were there, parking a big rig on our little street.

They started to get ready to unpack, but there was a problem. We had to pay first. And, despite all conversations to the contrary, we could not pay with a credit card. It had to be a money order.

So, it’s Sunday night, all my earthly possessions are trapped in a moving truck, and I’m supposed to get $2700 in the form of a money order. Riiiiiiight.

I tried anyway. I ran to a few ATMs, getting out as much as I could, but the machines refused me after pulling out just $600. Let me add, I’m so happy that my bank is protecting me from TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY OWN ACCOUNT. You know what? I don’t want that protection. I don’t NEED it. And the folks who DO need it deserve to get robbed.

Seriously — if you’re dumb enough to share your PIN with somebody else, you deserve to have all your bank accounts emptied. It’s the only way you’ll learn. You moron. Making the rest of us suffer because YOU need the bank to hold your hand.

So, got back, movers said they couldn’t move the stuff, and that they’d have to spend the night there, and that I’d need to get the money first thing in the morning.

Of course, the banks don’t open before 9:00, and they’d need to charge me an overnight fee…

So far, the plan to save ourselves headaches by using movers was not incredibly successful.