I love my gut

My gut said stay away from Google, and I did (I mean, in my mental stock portfolio, as I still haven’t actually invested any money), and the next day, WHAM! — it dropped $50 per share in after-hours trading.

Now, just for fun — let’s multiply $50 times 295.55 million shares they have out… that’s more than $14 BILLION that disappeared after hours. Who could pull that off? David Copperfield? David Blaine? ANY magician named David?

I REALLY want to get my account open now. Gotta get me some Google!

Ooh, I want AAPL!

Selling video downloads boosts your show’s ratings. THAT little fact is sure to mean more shows for sale via iTunes, which in turn will mean more sales, and up goes AAPL‘s share price. This is one of those “buy-and-hold” deals.

Me, there are some music videos from my childhood I wish I could see again, and would pay to do so. (And not just while in a buying splurge like yesterday.)

Of course, GOOGle is after the same thing, (they currently show all of 72 music videos in their collection. Tip of the iceberg, anyone?) and they have a large variety of other reasons to buy… but I’m trying to get over the emotional hurdle of their current $430 share price. Maybe they’ll hit $500 and split a few times, and then I’ll be kicking myself. (I didn’t kick myself much for missing the window on that NetFlix jump, though. I think losses probably hurt a lot more than missed opportunities.)

All of this interest in stock, and I still don’t have an account open.


The bedroom set we ordered finally came yesterday. In preparation, I had to move our old furniture out of the room, and do a ton of tidying. We have a tacky blue filing cabinet that I hid in our closet; we have old computers and such that I also managed to cram in there; and I managed to clean off my desk by stacking a ton of stuff under a tiny table — “out of sight, I don’t mind,” as they say. Or as I say, at least.

And the set looks gorgeous. It’s HUGE, though — I reckon we lost 6-10 square feet just by adding the bedframe. But DAMN our room looks good. I can understand making the bed in a room this good-looking. I can understand vacuuming and dusting now, too. This room is NICE to come into. Wow. Can’t wait for Rebecca to come home and see this.

In other news, I’m still sick or whatever. I saw a doctor who prescribed some antibiotics, but I’m leaning back towards “allergies” now. I don’t feel sick — just congested like an LA freeway.

I went out looking for a king-sized comforter yesterday, and came back instead with some bathroom thingies. And I went looking for a caricature how-to book, and came back with a blank sketchbook. I also filled a prescription, and threw on some sunglasses and washing machine detergent to the order. I realized early on that I was in the grasp of an impulse buying spree, and had to curtail my desires for a number of other purchases. For example, buying a $200 comforter when a) I didn’t bring a pillowcase or anything to make sure it matched, b) I’m color-blind ANYway, and c) Rebecca deserves to have some say in the decision.

I also didn’t buy:

  • The caricature book (it wasn’t too impressive)
  • Candy at the check-out aisle
  • A fiction paperback to read
  • A Dale Carnegie audio CD
  • Candy at the OTHER check-out aisle
  • Some nice artwork to hang in our new bedroom
  • A ThinkGeek t-shirt to replace the one I stained with candle wax (AHH! I just checked, and I can’t find it in stock! Yikes!)

And I bought Dave Sheldon‘s new book, “Pure Ducky Goodness“, but that was online. Hardly counts.

So. Papa needs to rein in his purchasing power.


I was right:

Now then, if I’d only been able to get my damn ScottTrade account open in time, I could’ve made me some money. *sigh* There’s goes a 15% one-day gain.

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

So, we all know that Netflix is better than Blockbuster, despite the latter’s two free in-store rentals. Blockbuster is, quite simply, the evil empire of video rentals. They screwed folks over for years and years with their exorbitant late fees — fees that were higher than the cost of the rental itself — and now they pretend to have no more late fees, when in fact they’ll just charge you the cost of the movie if you don’t bring it back. Oh, they’ll refund that cost if you bring it back after the fact, but not without deducting a restocking fee.

So it makes me smile when I see stuff like this. Their stock is losing value, and it’s no wonder why. Their customers feel betrayed, and their service sucks. The latest example is this little whopper — a screenshot I grabbed here at midday on the weekend. Click for full size First of all, your site shouldn’t ever go down, unless you’re the target of a denial of service attack, or something like that. Not when you have millions of customers. There’s just no damn good reason for the whole site to be offline.

Netflix shows 54.4 million shares, at more than $23 a share, whereas Blockbuster has 191.7 million outstanding shares, but at a share price of less than $4. They’re worth about $766.8 million, with more than 84,000 employees. Netflix is worth $1.251 billion. They have 940 employees.

Some analysts say Netflix may be overvalued. They’re coming out with an earnings report on Tuesday. I wager their stock jumps up.

So much so, in fact, that I’m gonna finish opening my freaking ScottTrade account tomorrow. I gotta have some of that there Netflix. Ooh, and some Apple. I think the video downloads is about to propel them even higher.

I’ll conclude by saying that, out of sheer dislike for Blockbuster, I signed up for their free trial service, got my in-store rentals, some home deliveries, then cancelled. Then, when they asked me to come back for my first month at $1, I did it again. I think I’ve gotten somewhere just shy of 20 rentals for $1. (And that’s why I was checking Blockbuster’s site — I wanted to make sure I cancelled my account before they charged me.)

Angeline Jolie Must Die

Angeline Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child. Naturally, she must be killed now, before the child is born.

Let’s say, for the moment, that Angeline is allowed to bring this baby to term. It would be, quite simply, the most incredibly attractive creature ever to grace this Earth. Can anyone contend differently? The child, if a girl, would make Helen of Troy look like Roseanne Barr’s armpits. If the child is a boy… well, there’s never been a male that was attractive to all women, but you can imagine that this one WOULD be.

They say that beauty is only skin deep. But I challenge them to say such a thing while gazing upon the Brajolie!

This creature’s charisma could be our world’s doom. Imagine the legions of followers, hearkening to every beauty tip and exercise regimen this monster suggests, when it itself has never had a need for any such thing. The first industry it would topple would be that of cosmetics, and many of us would welcome the change. But in such rejoicing we would only be falling prey to its ever-growing charm.

It would overpower the check-out aisle magazine racks. It would eat Oprah whole. (It would simply kill Dr. Phil, and we would love it all the more.)

Its successful music, movie, modeling, and writing careers would set records, then be casually dismissed as it took on politics with all the power its perfect gaze could bring to bear. World leaders would acquiesce their sovereignity to the Brajolie, in hopes of earning one simple smile. Nations would fall like Japan before Jennifer Love Hewitt, or like Germany before David Hasselhoff or Adolf Hitler. But this persona would be embraced by all people, all nations, much like Ronald McDonald, but WITHOUT ALL THE SUGAR AND FAT!

Then, as absolute power is wont to do, this unchecked control over the world would corrupt the Brajolie.

“Let us feed these hungry vagabonds, and let their strength and health grow; THEN LET THEM FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR OUR AMUSEMENT!”

“Let us fetch the thirsty in this world some cool beverages, chilled with ice from the polar icecaps. THEN MELT THE REST OF THE ICECAPS AWAY!”

“Let us build a convenient Starbucks on every block of every city in the world. LET US BUILD A CONVENIENT STARBUCKS ON EVERY BLOCK OF EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD!”

I can’t pretend to know all the evil that would come if this perfect child were allowed to live. But no being should have the power that a Pitt-Jolie parentage would bring. THE BRAJOLIE CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO LIVE!

If it coughs like an allergy, and congests like an allergy, it’s a sinus infection.

I’ve decided I don’t have allergies, but rather that I have one of those ‘sinus infections’ you hear so much about. Unless, of course, it IS just allergies. I’m gonna hafta see a doctor on this one — I’ve been up and down since Christmas. Wish I’d gotten some decongestant in my stocking.

I wouldn’t be TOO surprised if it’s allergies. I’m pretty much susceptible to any malady cured by a medication I see a TV commercial for. I’d never had “acid reflux” before Nexium and Prevacid started fighting over the color purple for their pills. And my cholesterol was never too bad before Lipitor started showing otherwise healthy people with cholesterol in the 250 range. Rogaine’s work began years ago, but only this last year came to fruition in a giant bald spot in the back of my scalp. So it was only a matter of time before the combined powers of Claritin, Zyrtec, Alavert, and Allegra came after my non-itchy eyes and non-congested nose.

So far, the only medications I haven’t had to consider are the ones for which I receive daily spam. Thank goodness for THAT, at least.

But like I said, my initial prognosis of allergies seems to have been premature; Claritin knock-offs haven’t done anything for me, and a sinus infection has a lot of the same symptoms.

Why can’t I just snort some alcohol and kill whatever is residing in my head’s mucus production facility?


Holy CRAP I’m sick of this. Waking up in the middle of the night, dreaming about not being able to breathe, and finding my nose is clogged up like Robin William’s shower drain. Only not so much hair. But some hair.

Aftin, Claritin, Benadryl, Sudafed — I’m pretty much taking everything I can to tell my nose to stop making mucus, and to tell my eyes that no, there’s nothing in them, so stop itching already. So far, however, my eyes still offend me, and I’m considering plucking them out, and my nose seems to be unstoppable and unremovable, so I’m considering a tracheotomy.

I don’t even know what I’m allergic to. I haven’t seen an allergist yet, because it was only last week that I decided this extremely long lasting cold had to be something else.

So, here I sit, 5:14 AM. I ain’t going back to bed until my nose clears up — I took some more Benadryl and Aftin, so it SHOULD clear up, but I don’t want to get up for the day, either. Looks like video games for me!

(If it’s the games I’m allergic to, I hope they have really stylish tracheotomy tubes these days.)