I’ve found myself hungry for stuff to read lately, and a bit upset that my favorite word-sources aren’t updated with more frequency. I think I need to figure out how this whole subscription thing in LJ works so I can get new stuff sent to me.

It’s weird. I wonder if it’s just a desire for justifiable procrastination (“I wasn’t working on my business because I had some READING to do. READING.”) or if other media have disappointed me so much lately that I’ve given up on them.

My wee biz is coming along fine so far. I’ve got some plans for making Google rank my pages — I think it could be very very successful. Rebecca said we don’t need to do any more market research, she’s convinced of the idea. Now it’s just a matter of building the site and getting some salespeople started on it, or else letting the pages sell themselves.

I’ve never felt so confident in my future wealth. And that’s saying something, because I’ve been planning on being wealthy for a loooong time.