Moral Dilemma

Remember all that crap with UPS and FedEx and whatnot? Well, I ordered the Strongbad DVDs (, as if you didn’t know) and they never came.

I finally checked the tracking number, and saw that they hadn’t been delivered, but rather had been HELD, then sent back to the sender. I called UPS, and they said it was because, basically, there was a watch (no pun intended) on my address, and if I had called to pick up the package I could’ve gotten it.

And yet they didn’t tell me to come get it.

Basically, a pathetic sting attempt at the watch-fraud dude. I emailed the Homestar guys, and they sent my DVDs again.

But they didn’t give me a tracking number…

So I emailed again. AGAIN, they didn’t give me a tracking number, but I didn’t complain. The DVDs arrived the next day.

AND the day after that.

Yup, somehow they managed to send it to me TWICE. Now, just in time for Christmas, I have an extra brand-new, still-wrapped set of 3 DVDs. I have one sibling who never reads this, so he’s by default the most likely recipient, should I decide to hold on to them.

SHOULD I, though? Of course not. I mean, even if I could justify it as getting back at the shoddy service from UPS, I couldn’t really justify screwing over the Homestar fellas.

I’m gonna write them a nice email asking what they want me to do, and hope they just tell me to keep it.

I can send gold watches back to their senders, but HOMESTAR RUNNER DVDS?! I’m not made of stone!